SandStone Hills

~ Sandstone Hills Homeowners Association ~
      A Covenant Controlled Community

~  Sandstone Hills HOA ~
      A Covenant Controlled Community

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The Sandstone Homeowners Association’s Board of Directors is governed by the Bylaws. The board meets periodically throughout the year to resolve issues associated with compliance with the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. The board also works with the city in administering City ordinances as they relate to the Sandstone Hills Subdivision. And lastly, the Board establishes the amount for homeowner’s assessment fees.

Annually, in April, there is a Homeowners Association meeting. Each homeowner is a member of the association having one (1) vote per lot. All homeowners are encouraged to attend. Notices of the meeting are sent by US Mail or electronically to each homeowner at least 2 weeks in advance. The meeting includes a summary of activities that the Board of Directors and the Design Review Board were involved with during the previous year as well as topics related to the coming year. There is also an opportunity for members of the association to ask questions and address any other concerns they may have. The annual meeting is also the time in which new members of the Board of Directors are nominated and approved by the members of the association present at the meeting. A summary of the meeting is published for the most recent Annual Meeting.

The Board of Directors meets following the annual meeting. It is at that time that the Board elects the officers for the ensuing year. Homeowners interested in being a member of the Design Review Committee are selected and appointed to the Design Review Committee, and a Chairman of the committee is appointed.