SandStone Hills

~ Sandstone Hills Homeowners Association ~
      A Covenant Controlled Community

~  Sandstone Hills HOA ~
      A Covenant Controlled Community

   Mailboxes, etc.

The Homeowner is responsible for maintaining their Sidewalk and Mailbox.

By State Law, the property owner is responsible for the repair and maitenance of sidewalks. Any property owner, who fails to maintain their sidewalk in a safe condition is considered negligent in their duties as a property owner, and is liable for injuries which may occur due to its lack of maintenance.

Two specific styles of mailboxes have been identified as being standard for the Sandstone HIlls Subdivision. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain their mailbox to conform to the location and height requirements set forth by the US Postal Service. The design or style of the mailox must conform to the standards established by the Design Review Board.

Mailboxes located on Pro Rodeo and Crackerbarrel use the Williamsburg design from Mel Northey. The mailbox numbers are brass and are ordered from Mel Northey as well.


Contact: Taracast Products
4400 NW 19th Ave Unit K
Ponpano Beach, Fl 33064
(305) 895-9525

Light Posts and Signage Posts are provided by the developer at the time the infrastructure for an area is established. Thereafter, the City is responsible for maintaining them. Should either be malfunctioning or damaged, contact the City to have them make the necessary repair or replacement. Information relating to the Source and Design Style for Light Posts and Signage Posts is provided to the developer through the City.